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North Dearborn Business Association (NDBA)

General Information

North Dearborn Business Association was formed in 1991 to promote business development and provide for business sponsored public and community service projects in northern Dearborn County.
NDBA Association members sponsor and organize the annual Bright Community Parade the last full weekend in July in conjunction with the Bright Community Festival. The festival is the major fundraiser for the Bright Volunteer Fire Department and the North Dearborn Rescue Unit. The parade originated as a way for businesses to promote an annual festival.

The association provides and places American flags throughout the business district for national holidays and for the community festival weekend. Each Christmas, a fully decorated and lighted Christmas tree adorns the main intersection and is provided and erected by association members and their families.
The NDBA is an affiliation of the Dearborn County Chamber of Commerce. For more information, contact NDBA Executive Director Gary Morris at (812)-637-5200. - 23995 Stateline Road , Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

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