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Community Corrections

General Information

Southeast Regional Community Corrections is a program that covers Dearborn, Ohio and Switzerland Counties with Dearborn County being our host county. This program is needed to decrease the number of non-violent felons and "A" misdemeanor offenders that are normally committed to the Department of Correction for execution of sentence. The program allows the offender to maintain ties with their community and family. The community benefits from the services of the offender through one or more of the program components (Community Restitution, Home Detention, Road Crew and Work Release). The offender remains a taxpayer, and his/her family does not become a recipient of welfare.

Community Corrections programs are needed to provide effective alternative sentences for appropriate offenders who would otherwise be incarcerated in county jails or prisons following their conviction of an offense. This program does not duplicate any existing programs within any of the three counties within our region.

Community Restitution

Community Restitution is designed to attain a 99 percent successful completion rate by offenders. Our goal is to increase participation of non-violent "D" felony and "A" misdemeanor offenders and to have the offender begin their hours within 30 days after sentencing and successfully complete in 90 days.

Clients are assigned to appropriate non-profit and governmental agencies for work assignments Offenders are monitored by surveillance officers on a weekly basis to assure work assignments are completed as assigned. To date we have compiled a list of 60 agencies that we assign offenders.

Home Detention

Home Detention is for offenders to complete successfully their court ordered sentences by following guidelines of Indiana Statute IC 35-38-2.5-6.

Home Detention/Electronic Monitoring is used primarily for non-violent offenders that need to remain at home, but with restraints imposed. We intend to monitor as many offenders as the courts and advisory board direct.

Hours of supervision of offenders-the days of the week and hours of the day in which house arrest detainees are most likely to violate curfew. Objective is to improve personnel management and schedules of employees work hours to fit the mission of the program.

The performance standard of Home Detention is to have surveillance officers on rotating shifts with coverage of 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Heavy coverage during the at risk hours of 10:00 p.m. till 2:00 a.m. Minimum of five face checks per offender per week by each surveillance officer.

Road Crew

Road Crew main objectives are to develop sites for work groups in all three counties and to maintain current good-time-credit for incarcerated non-violent "D" felon and "A" misdemeanant offenders, males and females, who successfully participate in the program and maintain an 100% successful completion rate. This equates to a 2:1 ratio of time served. A policy is in effect that allows the judge to terminate an offender's good-time-credit for major violations of the program policy. This component gives the clients self esteem and a sense of accomplishment which reduces recidivism.<

In the Work Release program we like to have an 100% successful completion in this program of "D" felon and "A" misdemeanant offenders and to allow offenders the opportunity to keep their jobs, so they can maintain their status as taxpayers and supporters of their families, while fulfilling their obligation to the court system.

Contact Information

Hoosier Square Building
215 W. Williams Street
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Office:  537-8842

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