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 Emergency Management Agency

Contact Information

Director Bill Black, Jr. 401 W. High St.
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
(812) 537-8855 ema@dearborncounty.in.gov


Dearborn County Commissioners have canceled the county wide burn ban that has beed in effect for several weeks. Although there are some parts of the county that are still dry some areas have gotten several inches of rain.Indiana code allows for a fire chief to establish a burn ban for their coverage area. Citizens are urged to refrain from burning but should call their fire department in their area to be sure there is still not a ban in their area.
Bill Black Jr
Dearborn County Emergency Management

Effective 1/01/2012 Dearborn County will be following the enclosed Travel Advisory System.  Please see the attached documents for explanation. 

Thank you, William Black, Director

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