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  To open or remodel a retail food service business in Dearborn County requires a basic understanding of food safety.  The Indiana Food Code defines a retail food establishment as one that may do any of the following: stores, prepares, packages, serves, vends, or otherwise provides food/beverage for human consumption. Any of these types must register with the Chief Food Inspector in the Health Department.

  Retail food establishments are required to submit a plan review (drawing or schematic) on new facilities and/or remodeling an existing structure. After all approvals and permits have been granted an onsite pre-opening inspection will be scheduled to prepare your establishment and greatly reduce potential critical violation issues.   During this visit, food handling techniques will be assessed, ambient air and food temperature requirements, employee flow of operation, cross-contamination potential, and specific menu selection control points.

  After opening your Health Inspector will inspect your facility based on risk assessments. Additional inspections may be necessary if complaints are filed with the Health Department.

  A copy of the Indiana Food Code 410 IAC 7-24 is required to be maintained in the food service establishment and may be downloaded from the Indiana State Department of Health.

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