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Have You Been Affected By a Bully?



 Each year thousands children and adults are affected by bullies. Research reports bullies can be male or female and 1 out of 4 people have been affected by bullies. Statistics indicate 15-20% report that some individuals bully others with some frequency.  Most bullying occurs in the school population and is described as someone that causes harm to others, whether it is emotional, physical or verbal.  It should also be noted that bullying or peer abuse also can be used to promote fear or threat to an individual.  There are many places bullying can occur such as school, the work place, or even on the computer called cyber bullying.


  The target or the victim might have someone calling them names repeatedly, have nasty things written about them or even left out of activities intentionally.  A bully might ignore one, threaten, or use scare tactics.  All these actions are forms of bullying.  There possibly can be hitting or kicking involved or the bully may make someone do something against their will.  Bullies tend to be over bearing and deliberately intimidate.  Sometimes children as bullies can develop into adult bullies.


 There are many reasons why a person is a bully.  The bullies may have been bullied when they were younger.  They possibly see it is a way of being popular, or look like they are in charge.  Bullies tend to want the attention and strive to be different.  If a child is brought up around bullies then they tend to also bully.


In researching bullies it is noted that many social implications can be altered by being subjected to a bully.  An individual may develop: 

§  Physically sick symptoms

§  Sleep disorders

§  Low self esteem

§  Hypertension

§  Eating disorders

§  Depression

§  Impair personal relationships

§  Drug abuse

§  Self harm

§  Sense of loneliness

§  Suicide


  Bullies themselves exhibit low self esteem, low self confidence, and usually are feeling insecure.  They may be full of hatred, anger or jealousy.   Bullies possibly have been a victim themselves.  Keep in mind bullies can also be on cyber space.  In this scenario, a bully can write hurtful things about an individual whether it be a child or adult.  So monitor your child’s computer time.


 What can you do to stop bullying?  If confronted, initially look them straight in the eye and tell them to stop, don’t let them think they are getting away with anything.   Tell someone, you have a right to feel safe in your surroundings.  Remember this is not a form of tattling.


 This quote describes a bully.   "All cruelty springs from weakness." (Seneca, 4BC-AD65)  Talk to your children and make sure they are not a victim of such a hurtful interaction with others.  As always, eMail me.

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