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Zoning Ordinance & Map Updates


In July of 2010, the Plan Commission and staff began meeting with the Zoning Committee--a group that consists of a portion of the County's Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee--to address issues and deficiencies associated with the Dearborn County Zoning Ordinance.

The initial primary focus of the Zoning Committee was to make recommendations regarding the permitted uses, conditional uses, setbacks, densities, and lot sizes associated with the unincorporated County's Agricultural, Residential, Business, Manufacturing, and Highway Interchange Zoning Districts. Following this effort, the Committee focused on other potential changes to the community's zoning texts--including parking, landscaping, etc.

Zoning Committee

Zoning Committee - Membership List

Executive Summary of Proposed Zoning Text Changes (07/17/2013)

Article 9 thru Article 13--Text Amendment Proposal (07/17/2013)

Article 22: Landscaping, Buffering, Screening, & Fence Standards--Text Amendment Proposal (07/17/2013)

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