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Public Health Preparedness

Preparedness Information

The focus of Public Health Preparedness is to prepare and assist local agencies in the event of a health emergency.  These emergencies could be, but not limited to:  seasonal flu, pandemic flu, natural disaster, biological threats, or any other health emergency which may require assistance.

The Division of Public Health Preparedness partners with local agencies and volunteers to be able to respond to a health emergency should one arise.  If you, or your agency, are interested in assisting, please review the following links.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Volunteer Application

Articles Provided at Volunteer & Partner Agency Meeting on March 7, 2012

Articles Provided at Volunteer & ESF 8 Partner Meeting, June 20, 2012

Introduction to National Incident Management System  (NIMS)

NIMS 700a is an Introductory Course into the NIMS structure.  It provides a basic understanding of command and communication framework that it to be utilized by incident responders.  The Division of Public Health Preparedness works with other
county agencies to promote incorporation of the NIMS structure and encourages all involved to complete the Introductory Course.

Please follow the link below to take you to the start of the NIMS 700a Course. 

Introduction to NIMS:  NIMS 700a


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