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2014 Election 
Dearborn County Ballot Positions

The following positions will be on the 2014 Primary and General Election ballots.
Secretary of State
Auditor of State
Treasurer of State
US Representative, 6th Congressional District
Indiana Senate Seat, District 27
Indiana Senate Seat, District 43
Indiana State Representative Seat, District 67
Indiana State Representative Seat, District 68
a.       Judge, Superior Court 1
b.      Prosecuting Attorney, District 7
---The following positions require Declaration of Candidacy (DOC) w/ DC Clerk.  The first day to "declare" is January 8th, 2014.  Individuals wishing to declare must submit completed election forms to Dearborn County Clerk's Office prior to noon, February 7, 2014. ---

    c.   DC Auditor
d.      DC Recorder
e.      DC Sheriff
f.        DC Assessor
g.       DC Commissioner, District 3
h.       DC Council, District 1
i.         DC Council, District 2
j.        DC Council, District 3
k.       DC Council, District 4
l.         Township Trustee (14 townships)
m.     Township Advisory Board Member (3 Board Members per Twp)
n.       Dillsboro Town Offices
a.       Clerk-Treasurer
b.       City Council – At Large
c.        City Council – District 1
d.       City Council – District 2
o.      Democrat Party ONLY Precinct Committeemen                    (PRIMARY ONLY)
p.      Democrat Party State Delegates (12 at-large positions)       (PRIMARY ONLY)
q.      Republican Party State Delegates (19 at-large positions)      (PRIMARY ONLY)

General Election. In addition to the above, the following additional non-partisan offices will also be decided in the November General Electon.  First filing day for Candidate Petitions is July 23, 2014 and petition or declaration must be received priot to noon August 22, 2014.

1.        Lawrenceburg School District
a.       Board Member –District 1
b.      Board Member – District 2
c.       Board Member – District 2
d.      Board Member – District 3

2.       South Dearborn School District
a.       Board Member - District 1
b.      Board Member - District 3
c.       Board Member – At-large

3.       Sunman – Dearborn School District
a.       Board Member – District 1
b.      Board Member – District 4
c.       Board Member – District 5
d.      Board Member – District 6

Individuals wanting more information concerning the 2014 Elections should consider the following sources of information:
www.Indianavoters.gov  This site allows you to identify incumbant officials.  It provides election day information including where to vote.  With a copy of YOUR Indiana Driver License or Indiana Identification Card you may register to vote.

Candidate information is available at the Indiana Elections Division website:      

Candidate forms and candidate information is available thru the Indiana Elections Division website:  http://www.in.gov/sos/elections/2395.htm

Candidate Campaign Finance Forms and information is at the Indiana Elections Division website:
Individuals needing additional information may contact the Indiana Elections Division: Phone: 317.232.3939 Fax: 317-233-6793 E-mail: elections@iec.in.gov
or the Dearborn County Elections Office, 2nd floor DC Courthouse, 812-537-8867.



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