Public Health Preparedness

Public Health Preparedness

Public Health as First Responders

When you think of first responders, you most likely think of firefighters, police officers or EMTs. Local plumbers and Public Health Food Inspectors probably don't come to mind, either.  You may be surprised to know that your local Public Health Officials (nurses, food inspectors, health educators, environmentalists, administrators, and local plumbers) are indeed first responders, and they are ready to respond to any public health emergency that may arise in our community.

What is a public health emergency?

Many emergencies involve public health. Though you may not always see us on the front lines, there are numerous situations in which public health may be called upon to respond: bioterrorism, natural disasters & weather related emergencies, chemical emergencies, disease outbreaks, mass casualties, radiation emergencies.

Since 2001, public health agencies around the world have been preparing for threats such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks and pandemics.  In Dearborn County Health Department, we have been working to increase our capacity to respond to emergencies by strengthening old partnerships and creating new ones.  After all we are all in this together.

Partnerships with the community and other public health and emergency response agencies in the Tri-State areas, have made our region and our county safer, healthier and better prepared to respond to emergencies, as well as the day-to-day public health challenges of our county.

If you would like to volunteer, to make this community a safer place in a time of an emergency, we can use your help and/or expertise in assisting, the following links offer fill-in forms:

Please, contact: Drew Tenhundfeld, Preparedness Trainer Coordinator

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