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When will my road be plowed?
All primary roads are plowed first (access to the schools, hospitals, and other critical care facilities).
Can I be put on the list to have my road plowed first because I have health issues?
Unfortunately, no such list exists.
Can I park on the county roads?
Under county ordinances, no parking is allowed for any reason on county roads.
I have a dead deer; will you pick it up and dispose of it?
Maybe. In the event that a deer is in the roadway and a danger to the traveling public, we will remove the deer.
My street sign is missing, will you replace it?
The department will repair broken, damaged, or missing street signs for public roads only.
My mailbox was hit by a snow plow truck, will you replace it?
The department will only repair mailboxes that have been physically hit by a snow plow truck (i.e. the truck left the roadway and struck your mailbox).
Someone threw trash in the ditch along the roadway, will you pick it up?
Unfortunately, no. The department is not responsible for trash pickup. It is the landowner's responsibility to see that trash is disposed of in a proper manner.
Dearborn County has a Gambling Boat, why isn't my road paved?
At this time, the Citizens should understand that the majority of gaming revenue goes to the lead agency, which is the City of Lawrenceburg and not Dearborn County.
Results 1-8 of 8

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