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Information Regarding Business Personal Property Tax

Please contact our office at (812)-537-8809, if you didn’t receive your personal property tax bill and you believe that you should have. We have a drop box at the base of the steps of the front entrance of the courthouse labeled Assessor's for everyone's convenience. You can also fax or email your documents as well. Form 104's must be filled out this year as well. We will mail out forms on February 23, 2024, if you do not receive them you can access the forms at  

Business Personal Property Tax Forms are due no later than May 15, 2024.

The State has implemented an online system to submit personal property forms, called PPOP-IN. This system can be found at 

Thanks for your continued patience and understanding with the current situation we are all faced with!

Thank you, Megan Acra Dearborn County Assessor

Phone: 812-537-8809
Fax: 812-532-3214

Mailing address: 165 Mary Street, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025


As many have noticed, some assessments in Dearborn County have increased in value.  While many factors affect the assessments of your home, the primary reason for increase in values is due to the real estate market of 2023. This value increase is not necessarily due to home improvements but may be if there has been remodeling or additions.

The Assessor's office utilizes the Mass Appraisal Method. This involves conjunctively
looking at several properties within an area while taking into consideration the age, condition, and grade of the structure.  We then use this data to determine whether the value of a property should change to match the market value of the recent sales. Finally, we submit this comparison of sales and assessed values to the Department of Local Government Finance for review. The DLGF determines whether the ratio study that was submitted is just and fair to all property owners. Once approved by the DLGF, the county can roll the new values.

Some may feel that the assessed value is higher than the market value of their property. As a taxpayer you have the right to file an appeal. The necessary forms to file an appeal with the Dearborn County Assessor can be found on the DLGF website at or follow the direct links below:

Form 130 - Taxpayer's Notice to Initiate an Appeal (PDF)

Form 134 -Joint Report by Taxpayer/Assessor to the County Board of Appeals of a Preliminary Informal Meeting

Both forms will need to be completed.

Forms can be mailed to Dearborn County Assessor's Office 165 Mary St. Room 203 Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025, faxed to (812)532-3214, emailed to, or dropped into the center drop box located outside the courthouse entrance labeled "Assessor/Recorder".

Appeal forms are due no later than June 15, 2024


The Dearborn County Assessor would like to inform property taxpayers that the Notice of Assessment of Land and Structures / Improvements (Form11) for 2024 pay 2025 will be  mailed out on Friday April 26, 2024.

These forms have been sent to the property owner listed on file January 01, 2024. If a property has been purchased after January 01, 2024, the new owner may come to the Assessor’s Office to obtain a current property record card for their property.

This will inform the new property owner of the updated property assessment.

The Assessor’s Office can be contacted at 812-537-8809 during normal business hours of Monday through Friday 8:30am–4:30pm.

The office is located at 165 Mary Street Room 203, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025.

For available forms click here:  Forms & Applications

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