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Every person owning, holding, possessing, or controlling persona, property in Indiana on March 1st is required to file a form by May 15th.

Taxpayers may request up to thirty (30) days extension of time to file their return.  The written request should be sent to the Assessor before the filing deadline of May 15th and should include a reason for the request. The Assessor may, at their discretion, approve or disapprove the request in writing.  

Personal property must be assessed in each taxing district where property has a tax situs.

Inventory located in the State of Indiana is exempt and is not requires to be reports per IC 6-1.1-1.11(b)(3).

It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to obtain forms from the Assessor and file a timely return.

If you hold, possess, or control not-owned personal property on the assessment date, you have a liability of the taxes imposed for that year unless you establish that the property is to be assessed to the owner.

Taxpayers who discover an error was made on their original timely filed personal property tax return have the right to file an amended return. The amended return must be filed within twelve (12) months of the due date or extended due date (if up to a thirty (30) day extension was granted) of their original return.

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