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County Commissioners

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The Board of County Commissioners serves as the executive and administrative authority for the county.  The board consists of three persons elected in their specific district for a four (4) year term.  Your Commissioners are responsible for day-to-day executive and administrative oversight of the unincorporated areas of Dearborn County. 

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FOCUS AREA 1: Economic Growth & Development

Support the growth and development of a strong and vibrant economy.

FOCUS AREA 2: Fiscal Responsibility

Demonstrate a commitment to understanding and contributing to the fiscal health of the county; working closely with County Council on funding challenges, capital projects planning, and identifying opportunities to reduce expense.

FOCUS AREA 3: Communication, Collaboration, & Accountability

Encourage involvement and improve communication to our citizens, internally across departments, with our municipal partners, with and through the boards we appoint, and within the community in general.

FOCUS AREA 4: Managing Risk & Public Safety

Identify opportunities to reduce risk and liability for the county through a culture of safety and proactive management.  Also, work as a partner to Fire & EMS, Disaster Preparedness Teams, and other community entities keeping the safety of our citizens a priority at all times.

FOCUS AREA 5: Capital Projects

Anticipate and plan for capital improvements and ensure the Commissioners meet their statutory obligation to provide appropriate facilities for government operations.

FOCUS AREA 6: Roads & Bridges

Perform strategic transportation planning, utilizing resources at the local, regional, state, and federal level to prioritize road and bridge projects as well as seek sources of revenue to fund infrastructure projects to support growth and maintain existing systems.

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