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Health Education

The Health Education Division of the Dearborn County Health Department strives to improve attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors in order to enhance the health of the county's residents.

What does a Health Educator do?

  • Assesses individual & community needs
  • Plans health education programs
  • Implements health education programs
  • Visits local schools
  • Covers controversial health topics
  • Encourages healthy behavior
  • Writes grants
  • Makes referrals
  • Social marketing
  • Identifies community resources
  • Conducts research
  • Develops educational materials.

Tools for Creating Healthy Communities


Kelley McDaniel, RN, Health Educator
(812) 537-8834

Safe Sleep Program

  • Free portable crib
  • Infant Survival kit- Halo sleep sack, fitted crib sheet, newborn pacifier, children book, etc.
  • Class approx. 45 min - 1hr
  • Call so we can save a crib for you! 
  • Next Class: Jan. 11 2018 or Feb. 15 2018
    email for more information

Sharps Disposal

We now offer a safe and free way to dispose of needles, syringes, and lancets.

It is important to dispose of used sharps safely and properly to protect yourself and the community. Used sharps can be dangerous and need to be kept out of landfills.  They can cause injury and spread germs and diseases such as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, tetanus, and syphilis.

We encourage all Dearborn County residents that require medication injections to stop by our office and pick up a sharps container, dispose of your needles in the container and return it to our office when full.  A new container will be given to you when drop off your full one.

Naloxone Program

The Health Dept. offers Narcan training and education at no cost. Participants will receive 1 dose of Narcan and information about local related services as well as information about overdose and addiction. For more information call or email

Medication Disposal Program

The "Dissolving Drugs" program allows the general public to safely disposal medications at home. Anyone can come to the health department and ask for a free Dissolving Drug pouch for home use. The pouches are completely free and easy to use.  

* Additionally, residents can take advantage of the Dearborn County Sheriff Department's monthly drug take back day. This collection is held at the County Jail (301 W High St. Lawrenceburg) on the last Saturday of each month from 12-4pm. For more information call (812)537-8700

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