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IDNR Demonstrating Shocker Boat, used to only stun the fish,                                                             causing them to float to the top for inventory.


Aquatic Plant Management

  • Book written by Carole A. Lembi, Professor of Botany from Purdue University. Guide to plant identification, management, and benefits.

Aquatic Plant Management

  • Useful information on Duckweed and Watermeal.

Barley Straw

  • Using Barley Straw to manage aquatic vegetation.

What Killed The Fish? (PDF)

  • Observation, Sampling, & Science to solve the mystery of fish kills in ponds.

Fish Kills In Indiana (PDF)

  • Fish kills, causes and prevention.

Indiana Fishing Guide - DNR

  • Fishing license, permits, laws, regulations, advisories, recipes, and much more.

Indiana Fisheries Biologists

  • Map and information for Indiana Fisheries Biologists.

Indiana Ponds

  • Considerations before you build your pond, location, management, size, use, and much more.

Permit For Building Ponds In Dearborn County

  • The construction of ponds or dams within Dearborn County is permitted as long as certain requirements are met and a Zoning Permit or Site Plan is issued. 

Parasites In Fish

  • Links and information about fish parasites.

Q & A

  • Where to get fish, should you color the pond water, do you need an aerator, how is your water quality, livestock, tree planting near pond, and more.

Pond Construction

  • Pond construction information book by USDA.

2021 SWCD Pond Clinic

IDEM Waterways Permitting Handbook

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