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Indiana Construction Stormwater General Permit

Point and non-point source pollution causes degradation in our streams, lakes, rivers; all water bodies. Non-point source pollution is any type of pollution that comes from storm water that runs across the landscape and is deposited into a water body.

Storm water flows across the landscape, including impervious surfaces, which picks up pollution and speeds up the velocity of the water. This increased velocity can cause damage and flooding. There are several things that can be done on your property or project that can reduce the velocity of the storm water and reduce the pollution entering into our water bodies. You can do this by installing best management practices and following some simple guidelines.

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  1. Consider the total environmental impact of the proposed system

  2. Consider water quality as well as water quantity

  3. Be consistent with the locally adopted comprehensive plan (Dearborn County, Aurora, Lawrenceburg), and any existing watershed management plan (Tanner's Creek, Hogan Creek and Laughery Creek in Dearborn County)

  4. Coordinate with erosion control measures and aquifer protection

  5. Minimize disturbance of natural grades and vegetation, and utilize existing topography for natural drainage systems

  6. Preserve natural vegetated buffers along water resources and wetlands.

  7. Minimize impervious surfaces and maximize infiltration of cleansed runoff to appropriate soils.

  8. Direct runoff to minimize off-site volume

  9. Reduce peak flow to minimize the likelihood of soil erosion, stream channel instability, flooding and habitat destruction.

  10. Use wetlands and water bodies to receive or treat runoff only when it is assured that these natural systems will not be overloaded or degraded.

  11. Provide a maintenance schedule for management practices, including designation of maintenance responsibilities.


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