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Reasons for Rejections

Please read the list below for common rejections with filing for document recording.

ALL instruments MUST be legible and recording form statutes.

  • Names not appearing the same throughout the  document.  Name of each person who executed the instruments appears identically in the body of the instrument, in the acknowledgement or jurat, in their signature and beneath their signature. (IC 36-2-11-16)
  • Names not typed or printed identically beneath the signature. (IC 36-2-11-16)
  • Prepared by statement missing.  Must have the company and name of the person that prepared the document. (IC 36-2-11-15)
  • Incorrect recording fees. (see Fee Schedule)(IC 36-2-7-10)
  • Recording checks must be made payable to the Dearborn County Recorder.
  • Name of Company and/or title of officer is missing at signature. (IC 32-29-5-1)
  • Cross reference is missing, incorrect or incomplete.
  • Copy must state "copy" and where the original is located.
  • Legal is missing, incomplete or not in Dearborn County.
  • Power of Attorney reference number is not listed at signature point. (IC 30-5-3-3)
  • Not authorized to sign off on the document.
  • Witness names not printed under signature.
  • Font size must be 10 points or larger. (IC 36-2-11-16 & 16.5)
  • Poor document quality, will not scan/digitally image.  (IC 36-2-11-16 & 16.5)
  • Social Security Number must be removed.  (IC 36-1-11-15)
  • Notary section missing or incomplete such as:
    • county of residence
    • printed name missing
    • notary seal
    • expiration date
    • commission number
    • signed as printed on seal 
  • Court documents must have Judge's signature and be filed stamped by the clerk.
  • Grantees Address on Deeds (IC32-21-2-3(e)


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