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Tips for Recording

Helpful Tips to Avoid Rejection of Documents

  • Prepare Document(s) legibly according to Indiana State Requirements.
  • Properly title, date, and execute the document(s) to include typed names and titles beneath signatures and that they are consistent throughout document(s).
  • Properly witness/acknowledge all document(s) according to Indiana State Requirements.
  • Include complete legal description(s) of the property with all initial recordings.
  • Properly reference previously recorded document(s).
  • Instrument numbers, book, and page prior to 2000; and
  • Instrument numbers or book and page after 2000.
  • Include the Preparer’s name, address, and telephone number on your documents
  • Identify numerically to ensure proper recording sequence of your document(s) on the first page of your document(s).
  • Include the correct fees (click here to see the Fee Schedule).
  • Re-recorded or corrected documents must state why it is being re-recorded or corrected.
  • Check your work, especially for extra fees to make sure your document is complete for recording in order to avoid rejections.

To obtain more information on or ask questions about rejections, please contact our office.

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