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Driveway Permits are required when a new driveway is installed or an existing driveway changes use. An example of a change in use would be,  'You want to change an old farm field access drive to be used for a driveway for a new house'.

 You may downloaded and submit the completed applications by e-mail, fax, or in person to the department during during the regular business hours of 7:00am - 3:00 pm.  At $25.00 application fee is required.

 The major residential driveway rules that a homeowner should know are:

  1. The homeowner is responsible for the driveway culvert. The homeowner must fix or replace their driveway culvert if it becomes clogged or fails for any reason.

  2. In general, the required spacing between driveways is 185' on major roads.

  3. The required sight distance for a new driveway is 280 feet each direction (based on 40 MPH).

  4. The width of a new driveway is limited to 24 feet.

  5. Driveways may not drain toward the road.

The complete set of driveway regulations include the Subdivision Control Ordinances-Section 335, the Zoning Ordinance-Section 24, and County Commissioner's Ordinances-Title 9.

Click here to download the Driveway Permit Application.

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