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Private Street Signs

Private Street and Private Lanes Signs Standards

The following is a list of standards for private street signs:

  • Sign is to be 8” in height with a background color of brown.

  • Roadway name lettering shall be series C or D, mixed lettering

  • First letter shall be uppercase, 6” in height, followed by 4 ½” lowercase, white in color.

  • Background and lettering shall be retro reflective.

  • Length of the sign is to be determined by street name.

  • Corners of the sign shall be rounded.

  • Sign is to be made out of 0.8 mm gauge aluminum.

  • Sign to be installed on right side of street and perpendicular to the street they are intersecting.

  • Sign is to be installed on breakaway post.  Post can be type A or B u-channel post; Maximum 2 1/2” round post with 12 gauge wall thickness; Maximum 2 ¼” square post with 12 gauge wall thickness; or 4x4 wood post.  

  • Posts shall be imbedded in the ground a minimum of 42 inches.

  • Sign shall be installed at a height of 5 ½ to 7 feet (measured from edge of pavement to bottom of sign).  If street name sign is installed in conjunction with a stop sign, the bottom of the stop sign shall be installed at a height of 5 foot.

  • The lateral offset from both edges of pavement shall be a minimum of 6 feet. A 12-foot offset is recommended.

  • It is the developers or owner’s responsibility to ensure that a private street or private lane sign is installed at all times.

  • No “homemade” street signs will be allowed.

Information was taken from the 2009 Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (section2D.43) and Indiana Department of Transportation Standards.


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