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Your job as a juror is to listen to all the evidence presented at trial, then "decide the facts" – decide what really happened. The judge's job is to "decide the law" – make decisions on legal issues that come up during the trial.  Everyone must do theirFlag job well if our system of trial by jury is to work.

You do not need special knowledge or ability to serve as a juror.  It is sufficient that you keep an open mind, use common sense, concentrate on the evidence presented, and be fair and honest in your deliberations.

Remember: Do not be influenced by sympathy or prejudice. It is vital that you be impartial with regard to all testimony and evidence presented at the trial.

Information regarding jury service for your particular date will be announced on a pre-recorded message at 812-532-2038. Call this number for information on Sunday evening (before the Monday you are required to report for service) to see if there has been a change in your jury service.

Dearborn County recognizes no exemption from jury service except for those individuals with severe emotional or physical problems that preclude them from working and are supported by a health professional's certificate; and those who are 75 years of age or older who request to be excused.  Any other request to be excused (for example, vacation or occupation) will not be automatically granted. Every individual circumstance will be reviewed and considered upon a written request for deferral, however is your responsibility as a potential jurors to follow up with the Court (and not make any assumptions) in regard to your written request for a deferral from service.  

If you have thoroughly read the Jury Summons, front and back, and still have questions regarding jury service, or you have lost your summons, please call 812-537-8865 for further assistance and information.

We hope you find your experience as a juror interesting, educational and rewarding. Jury service is the foundation of the American judicial process. Your participation in jury service for Dearborn County is invaluable and greatly appreciated.

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