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You have the right to represent yourself in this case. Self-representation is difficult, and the Judge cannot and will not act as an advocate for either side. If you have decided to represent yourself, you have the responsibility to become familiar with and attempt to comply with the rules of procedure.

The Judge and his staff cannot and will not advise you as to what you should put in your petition or how you should word your petition. After the petition is properly filed, the Judge will examine it and if it states a request that can be heard by the Court, it will be set for hearing.

All motion or petitions must be in proper legal form but you may use any words you wish to describe what you are asking the Court to do. You may get copies of legal forms on the Access Indiana web site (

All Motions and Petitions should be submitted on 8 ½ x 11 inch paper and either typed or legibly printed. You must provide the Court with the original plus one (1) additional copy for each party of the case (a minimum of four (3) copies of each document).

It is your responsibility to provide the Court with properly completed notice of hearing forms. If the notice forms are not provided to the Court, the matter will not be set for hearing. Notice forms must include addresses. The Court will enter a hearing date upon receipt of the properly submitted form.

If you need copies of dockets, case pleadings or other public information, please fill out a file request information form and such information can be provided. If you have questions about Court rules, procedures or practices, please ask and Court personnel will answer to the best of their ability. The Court personnel are not allowed to provide you with additional information (i.e.: How should I do this?) as such if you need this type of question answered you should contact an attorney.

If the matter is set for hearing, you will be required to properly present evidence. The Court will not instruct or aid you in the presentation.

Documents to be filed will include at a minimum the following:

  • Appearance Form

  • Motions or Petitions stating what you wish the court to do

  • Proposed Order

  • Notice of Hearing Form

You will need to paper clip all same pleadings/documents together (such as all Appearance Forms together, all Motions together, etc.). If your pleading is more than one page, each pleading will need to be stapled together. Then, all copies of that pleading should be paper clipped together.

If you choose to represent yourself, you may find forms at the Indiana Self-Service Legal Center. 

A link to the site is found below in the "Services" tab.


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